Friday, May 11, 2007

About Girl Scout Kits

(Originally posted in March, reposted to go with the
updated kits in 2007.)

Since I am offering the kits as freebies, I have
permission to use the Girl Scout logo. The kits
were created mainly for a former scout leader in
need of a webset to post her memories of her troop.
I also wanted a scrapbook kit as I was a Brownie
back in the late 70's. As long as credit to
Ditters Doodles and the copyright on the
Girl Scout logo remains intact, these kits may be
shared. Just don't claim them as your own work.

I've seen many websites for ideas and found that
there really aren't a whole lot of graphics to
choose from. I was shocked to see how (I'm sorry)
boring and bland so many troops' sites were. Girl
Scouts in general are so creative and full of great
imagination, it's a wonder why sets haven't been done

One such graphic artist had made some sets
a couple years back but I cannot contact her thru
any links I have. I do have these graphics and would
like to pass them along and I may in time after some
further searching on the net. (
I am waiting permission to use graphics of some
really cute dolls I found. These dolls can be found at: and These
gif images if converted to a png file can be used in
most scrapbook programs. I would just love to make
some pre-made sets of these. Cross your fingers. I
altered one of them for my pages. I was a Brownie in
the 70's, and had a tan shirt and orange tie. I still
need to fix the hair, mine was lighter.

(I don't know why she turned green in the background
- 3-14-06 now I do, blogger turns all uploads into jpg files
I will change her to her normal file and host her on Photobucket
when they are done with their site maintenance.)