Thursday, March 09, 2006

Boy & Girl Overlays

(no preview)

Boys overlay in a deep yellow, red, blue
and green. Dirty overlay looks pretty
dark but once on a colored sheet the true
dingy colors come out - chocolate brown,
deep dark blue, grassy green and swampy
green. The Princess one reads "I didn't
ask to be a princess but, hey if the crown

Right click, "save target as".


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crosstown said...

Love the princess saying!! Thanks

~ Joy ~ said...

Thank you so much for the lovely freebies.

cindiaskew said...

newbie here, can't wait to try a lay-over. thanks for sharing

Jaime said...

Thanks so much for the cute freebies.

Rona said...

these are awesome!!! thank you for sharing!

Granna Deanna said...

I love text & overlays. You have combined two of my absolute favorites. Thanks for your time as well as your talent.

Jody said...

Managed to get these but pretty well all the other overlays have been deleted. :(