Thursday, March 09, 2006

Butterfly & Pregnancy Overlay

Butterfly Overlay
Pregnancy Overlay

Here's a couple more. Again, right click and "save target as"
on the links above or just click on them (which takes you to
the image itself then you have to right click and save).

All overlays hosted on Photobucket.


heather said...

Thanks - love the baby face!

cindiaskew said...

oh my gosh, i am in freebie heaven
thanks for sharing your talent and your labors. appreciate it

Rona said...

not only freebie heaven....OVERLAY heaven!!!! :D thank you!!!

Trisha said...

Thank you! This is perfect for my new project....a baby book for my sister who just found out she's pregnant with their first child!

Deanna C. Wilson said...

These are really nice. I like the fact that they both deal with newness of life. Thank you helping me "learn to fly" as a scrapbook novice.