Thursday, March 09, 2006

Made in the USA Phrases

Not all images are shown above -
Don't miss out!!

Click on the link below to find all of the available
png files and copy from there. I didn't want to zip
these because not everyone is going to want them all. I
also didn't want to post 65+ links here. When you see the
one you want, click on the image and it will open the PNG
file, which is much larger and the one you want. Their
thumbnail copy isn't good for scrapbooking.

Made in USA / All American

The 50 States in alphabetical order

All png images hosted on Photobucket


Rona said...

these are cool! thanks for thinking about people wanting just a few specific states :)

Granna Deanna said...

As the wife & mother of military men, these will come in handy as I compile their service scrapbooks. Thank you for both the phrases & the states. You just saved me so much time with your generous freebie.