Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What a learning experience

Okay, supporting 4 children and 4 step children, in no way are we rollin' in the dough, therefore FREE is a word I like. Free can cost you though, for that I am learning the hard way.

Today I'm trying like crazy to get those clover alphas up so everyone can use them in time for Saint Patty's Day. Since I don't want to mix my business with my personal stuff I open up a new yahoo/geocities account, going for the free site of course. So I go about making this really nice site with matching graphics and have my girlfriends check it out on their different browsers and screen sizes. They all said they had no idea I was able to do stuff like that. (I could do more if I had the software - hee hee.)

I already knew dial-up was loads of fun. Keeping that in mind I split up any files that were over 4 megs into smaller sections. Then I upload the zips only to come back after a complete 3.7 meg file and no links!! I went to Rakscraps where they have a great list of online file storage sites. I absolutely hate Yousendit. I have too many problems getting the download from that place. Anyway, I found Momoshare and so far so good and I am using from the list. I was told both of them are working just fine. Good. Whew!

I go back to Rakscraps and post my freebies. Having been on the computer since yesterday trying to get this stuff up I'm now getting burned out. Not only that I have a house to clean, carpets to shampoo, painting is possible too (my business of cleaning and repairing homes for sale or rent). My wheels are spinning at this point. I was somewhat confused by the "in order to post here, post here and here first then back here" guidelines. I guess it will get easier once you do it a few times but right now my mind is mud. Anyway, I have a site dedicated to freebies and that is the purpose of Raks (random acts of kindness). So I post. And I get a reply that my link isn't working. Maxxed out my bandwidth on Geocities. I seriously have to upgrade the site and soon. I don't want to host it on my other site thru GC. Who will want to go to a house cleaning site for scrapbooking? They'll think it's spam.

Well, I got an anonymous PM from a wonderful gal at DSP to post those download links on a blogger page as well until I get a paid domain. What a great idea! They don't shut you down for bandwidth restrictions.

Enough of my ranting. I'm going to go create another blogger page for the freebie links. The link will be posted on the right called "freebies" - what else?

[First time I post a freebie and I have all of this trouble. I feel like a butt.]

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