Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer is Moving On

Just a few favorite layouts I chose to post here to inspire someone since Summer is leaving us and Fall is nearly here. I use a lot of elements in my pages for the kids but in scenery I use few if any at all. I try to use blocks of color (shape tool) and some simple textured papers. The clip art style elements seemed to work better, stand out more, than the ones with the drop shadows that looked real. It took away from the actual subject in my opinion. The clip arts added to the detail without taking them over. Remember if you take shots this fall, or anytime for that matter, don't just take traditional shots, take them from unique angles - after all, it's not like you'll really run out of film! I've been known to stand on top of my car (but it's a beater). At a birthday party, I'll take shots of the balloons, paper plates, the food, everything like that in addition to the normal shots. The balloon shot ended up being transformed into a textured paper and the plates and cards turned into elements. I wish I had a photo of Viktor's Party to upload but I haven't scrapped all of the pages yet to choose a favorite to highlight.

A Summer Hangout

A place I used to go to swim or waterski when I was a teenager. We used to jump off the railroad bridge until they made it illegal for safety reasons (current and the depth).

Fall is Coming

Colorful shots just around the corner from where we lived. The leaves were of course red, orange and yellow but we also found some that were more peach in color too. Very pretty.

All Yellow

Couldn't pass up a chance to take these shots. Simply gorgeous. The colors were very warming on a crispy morning and the coziness of the canopy made for a perfect shot. These golden charms completely covered a nearby driveway like a comforter.


I had to go to this cemetery to do some genealogy for a client and found yet another Kodak Moment. These photos really didn't do it justice. To sit there, actually lay there, and look straight up to the sky thru the trees... relaxing.

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