Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chocolate Confetti

chocolate confetti frosting 3
As requested, the final frosting alpha. I did it in the same font so you could mix and match with the others. Yes, I am getting sick of staring at the Plump font and I think I have added 10 pounds to my waistline from the frosting!

Letters A-T - Letters R-Punctuation - Numbers


Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You so very much for the 2 new awesome alpha's and the Diamond Charm frames!!!!

I hate to ask this because I know that you are busy but maybe when you have the time could you make a Orange alpha in the line of Halloween maybe with bat or ghost sprinkles?
Thank You again for sharing your beautiful work!!!!!

~HJ said...

If I can find a clip I will, or if you are able to - take a photo of what you are looking for or post a link to a clip here. It's not a problem making them - and I will - just finding clips can be challenging. Do you want it in the same font or do you have another in mind? Something fat, like cooper or subway, or a thick halloween style font? Let me know.

CellyOneill said...

Hello from Brazil !
Thanks so much for this lovely alpha !

Anonymous said...

Thank you! These will go great with the pics of the kids baking cookies!

Metalmama said...

I love these alpha's!!! TY for sharing


Suzi said...

These are great! Thank you!!