Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Glass-Like Alpha

I figured this may go well with an aquarium layout. I made them coincidentally the day before the request. The font is called Aloe. Sheets are uncut again, and all about or under 1meg.

Letters A-J
Letters K-S
Letters T-Z, Numbers
Numbers and Punctuation


Josie said...

Yay, thanks!! Even before I read you note about the glass alpha I was thinking they would be perfect for my aquarium LOs. Can't wait to use them.

Again, thanks so much for sharing your talent!!

~HJ said...

I know you didn't want things to look cartooney but I was going to play with this same fill on some fish outlines I had and plus I was going to make a paper and matching elements with the same fill.

Josie said...

I think that would look great! I don't think it would look cartooney at all! Can't wait to get a look at it.