Saturday, September 23, 2006

Halloween Polka Dot

Can you believe that it's almost time to decide what the kids will be for Halloween? Lions and Tigers and Goblins, oh my!! Well, here's just a small group of items. Nothing special, just something I needed to match the skirt on a little orange witchy poo. Yes, she colored her face orange instead of green. They had a green witch, orange witch and a blue witch with matching colored outfits. So cute, but not my children so I can't share with you. Maybe you'll see it in the gallery on RAKS since the pieces were a request from a RAK member (or maybe she'll be kind enough to send a copy here for us - hint hint). I did make the blue and green but I'm only sharing the orange here.

Alphas are bevelled with a drop shadowed in the Subway font.
There's one paper, one matching strip.
A bevelled strip with a drop shadow.
And one frame.

(you can right click and save target as)

Bevelled Strip - Plain Strip
Dot Sheet - Frame
Alpha A-E - Alpha F-J - Alpha K-O
Alpha P-U - Alpha V-Z
Numbers 1-5 - Numbers 6-0 - Punctuation


tuttijudi said...

i love how you tell us ahead of time what kind of file it is and where it's at. i know grab image means i don't have to unzip it and can save it right into the folder i have just for your stuff. KUTGW!! these are cute BTW.

Josie said...

Thanks so much. The Orange polka-dots are so cute.

jenjenjasp said...

oh, this is sooooooooooo cute...!!!1 I hope you can post those pics of the kids. i bet they are DARLING!

thank you!