Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oh Wow!

Okay, even I was astonished at this alpha! It's the Broadway Font with a background image used as fill. I made the image in a tutorial on making seamless tiles (I also dabble in webstuff). I chose gold for the upcoming Autumn Season. I am exhausted from the move and finding out I maxxed out my memory on my computer again, so I didn't cut the alpha sheet this time. I uploaded it as an image file but may later cut the sheet and upload it as a zip. I also made this one in purple, pink, aqua and blue. I might just toss those up here too, but not tonight - as it is late for this mother/step-mom of 8. (See, that's why I make so many things... too many kids and no one wants a page looking like the others! And I never seem to find what I want until AFTER I have made the LO - darn it.)

Can you tell I'm addicted to alphas?

There's a small drop shadow, very subtle.
Caps A-Z, Numbers, !?& and a long 1500ish px underscore (makes a good "ribbon")



Joy said...

awesome alpha - love it! Thanks loads :)

Cindy (cinmcw) said...

How beautiful and unique! Thank you so much for sharing!


JoAnn said...

Very pretty!! :) Thank you!

Luke's Nana said...

This is a great alpha!! Thanks!