Saturday, September 09, 2006

Series of States - COMPLETE

All states are up, but Photobucket is doing some upgrading so I have noticed some links acting up. Please be patient.

PNG file, with drop shadow, no background, 300dpi

Right Click "save target as":

Alabama - Alaska - Arizona
Arkansas - California - Colorado
Connecticut - Delaware - Florida
Georgia - Hawaii - Idaho
Illinois - Indiana - Iowa
Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana
Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts
Michigan - Minnesota - Mississippi
Missouri - Montana - Nebraska
Nevada - New Hampshire - New Jersey
New Mexico - New York - North Carolina
North Dakota - Ohio - Oklahoma
Oregon - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island
South Carolina - South Dakota - Tennesee
Texas - Utah - Vermont
Virginia - Washington - West Virginia
Wisconsin - Wyoming

Hawaii #7b Lava
Kansas #7c Tornado (smaller image)
Kentucky #7 Bluegrass
Nebraska #7a Grassland
Texas #7 Cowprint


cindiaskew said...

i'd like to see you do nebraksa.
i don't have a color choice. i'm going to say with your talent and insight it will be delightful and i will love it.

candicolette said...

These are great. I would love to have Tennessee. TFS

Josie said...

I love these States.

I would love to see Tennessee in orange colors.

Thanks for taking requests!

DigiBrandi said...

It's wonderful that you're offering these. I'd love to see Missouri. And as for color - you're the designer! Anything you do is appreciated.

grammyscraps said...

I LOVE your work and am really happy that you are doing states....I would love to see Washington (state, that

Josie said...

Thanks for Tennessee (and all the others), and for making it orange. :)

~HJ said...

I absolutely had to have some states for vacation pages and couldn't really find what I was looking for and as with everything else, if I need it chances are someone else does... so here they are. The states will appear again in the Patriot Day Set I am in the middle of making. I'm glad everyone is enjoying these. I'll keep them coming... off to make Washington now!

Felicie said...

Would love to see Illinois in any color. These are lovely and would love also to have all 52 states as these would be nice for genealogy pages.

Amy Steiner said...

What a neat idea! I'd like to see North and South Dakota in any colors!

candicolette said...

I just love your work. The States are especially great. I thought I should let you know, though, that the ohio link doesn't work. Please Keep up the good work.

cindiaskew said...

thank you for nebraska. and both are awesome. appreciate your work.

candicolette said...

Thanks so much for these states. They are wonderful as well as the rest of your creations. Keep up the good work. PLEASE TFS

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this set of states.