Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2 Spinner Frames

I had fun making these. I'm going to create a template so I can make these again, sometimes adding them to a kit. In the dark blue pic there's an eye, which is not included. You could use a brad, button, snap or nothing at all as a fastener. You can use almost anything to use as an arrow too. To make your photos or paper fit use squares, or crop into a square. If you are shrinking this smaller than the page and tilting it, it's better to make it first then use your group tool before you shrink and tilt. Embellish with text, numbers, alphas, whatever. I left them plain for you to play.

Dark Blue Frame
Bright Green Frame
Blue Spinner 1
Blue Spinner 2
Green Spinner 1
Green Spinner 2


Josie said...

What a cool idea. I'll have to think on what to use this on.

Pixel Scribe said...

Thanks for these, they are cool :) Sorry about your fingers - hope the burns weren't too severe and you heal fast and well!

B Careful and B Well!

Thanks again!

shirley said...

Thanka you, what a cute idea.

tandrea40 said...

These are really cute, thanks for sharing them.

twoisisomega said...

I simply love these frames, can't wait to use them.