Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boy Scout Additions

I'm uploading these files tonight while I sleep, all with the rest of the files at Esnips:

Papers 13, 14, 15 and 16 (Look for these by 10-27-06)

Since so many people said they had tons of photos of their children, husbands, brothers, fathers and grandfathers that were in scouts, I am making sure that there's something to meet everyone's needs. I have metal pin elements in the next group, a few more papers, US postage stamp frames, and more hodge podge. All of it will be BSA specific and not usable for any other theme.

Those, like my grandfather, that were in the CCC might want to use camping kits or some of the scrapkits others have made for the scouts (since they used a lot of camping items and I didn't).


DeCrin said...

Hi Holly,
I just downloaded the papers and am currently downloading the patches. They all look great! This kit just keeps growing and growing!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...


TFS such a great Scout kit with us. There are not many kits out there for those special photos.