Monday, October 16, 2006

Boy Scout Kit - Started

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The Boy Scout Kit has been started. There will be many zips, just like there was with the Girl Scout Kit. As I get a "set" that's about 1-3 megs I will upload it to Esnips. I will edit this post's title to note when it's "complete".

Make sure you read the post with the zips.

"My Esnips" link to right will get you to the zips.

10-17-06 10am EST 2 zips up now. Added Fleur Logos.
10-17-06 2pm EST 6 zips total, uploading in progress. Added 4 of 12 paper paks.
10-17-06 11pm EST 12 zips total now, 2 paper paks left, alpha and frames to upload.
10-18-06 9am EST 16 zips total up... still creating the PATCHES
10-19-06 10am EST Still 16 zips, burnt fingers and having problems (I hurt). The patches and misc stuff is the only thing I have left, mostly Webelo Den Patches.
MORE to come...

GIRL SCOUT KIT: If the zips in the archived August posts for the GSKit is expired don't panic. I am going to update the kit and offer it again at Esnips. The old March post I believe has some links. Look for this at the end of the week (earliest) towards end of month (latest). I have one promised subject ahead of this - exercise/cycling.


Tina said...

Thank you for the "Boy Scout Kit". Looking forward to seeing the rest of it. My oldest son was in cub scouts years ago and I couldn't find anything for his scrapbook pages. Hoping my youngest will want to get into it too...Thanks again.

Marsha said...

Thank you very much. Is there any way to get your Girl Scout kit that you made???

LittleFrog said...

This kit is great! I've been looking everywhere for almost a month to find boy scouts stuff for my nephews pictures. I was considering modifiying your girl scouts stuff to make it work. :) Thanks so much!

marietta99 said...

This Boy Scout kit was certainly what I had in mind when I request one. I thought a couple of paper and a few patches. This is a MEGAKIT!! Never did I expect 130 items and 43MBs.

I am absolutely blown away with this kit. The quality and artistic designs are wonderful. Your take on the colors and logos, such as the sepia and other colors for the emblems, are amazing. Never would I have thought to change the colors like you did, but it sooooooo works!

Thanks so much for the kit. I am so delighted with it and will drag out years & years of Boy Scout pitures and use it. Making the album has now become my winter project. I appreciate all the work you did, I certainly appreciate the results of your work.

matsugirl said...

Thank you for doing the Boy Scout kit. It looks great!

I have lots of boy scout pictures to scrap with your kit.

Thank you for sharing!

Luke's Nana said...

Thanks for the great kit!