Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween and Spring Spinners

Because Halloween is next week, here's a Trick or Treat Spinner. And because on the flipside of the globe they are celebrating Spring (and I can't wait until it gets here) I have created a Spring Spinner.

I've left these spinners in pieces so you get many freebies in one. The overlays can be used on a photo, frame or a paper of your choice, the spinners can be embellished how you please and the rivets can be used as flower snaps or thumbtacks.

Trick or Treat Spinner

Halloween Background
Trick or Treat Overlay
Orange Arrow
Black Arrow
Orange Pumpkin Rivet
Black Pumpkin Rivet

Spring Spinner

Pink Background
Flower Overlay
Pink Arrow
Purple Arrow
Purple Plain Rivet
Purple Butterfly Rivet
Pink Plain Rivet
Pink Butterfly Rivet


tuttijudi said...

oh i just love that salad choice. i got the joke trick salad or treat cupcake. very funny. i'll go get the dressing and join ya. the spring over lay is sweet. i used it as photocorners after i cropped them apart.

twoisisomega said...

I love the halloween and spring spinners. How do you make time to do such nice work. Thank you for sharing.

Josie said...

Cool spinners. I'm gonna print the Halloween one and use it at my son's class party! Thanks so much!!

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You for all these awesome freebies!