Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Headstone Alphas

4 sets of headstone alphas. I made these back in August when I was first really learning my graphics program. I used them recently and I didn't need to update them at all. I felt that the paper effect was nice instead of that popping 3D style I normally do. I did add a green glow to style 4 (above). [The little things on the bottom were from my quick cropping - I'm just too lazy to go back and fix it since I have better things to do like make more alphas!]

Glow Stone Sheet 1
Glow Stone Sheet 2
Sand Stones
Gray Stones
Dark Stones

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Pixel Scribe said...

Thanks a bunch, these are great! Also thanks for the pic of MI a little while back - the one with the snow ;) I kind of miss it - family moved here (FL) when I was 14 and I only went back once when I was 17 - not sayin how old I am now - lol... but it's nice to see the snow... all you get here is HOT - RAIN - HOT - Hurricanes - & MORE HOT... LOL! I lived in the Detroit (outside bottom of thumb on right hand - lol - having a grade school flashback). I had family in Oak Park, St. Clair Shores, Battle Creek... Kalamazoo. My mom grew up in upstate MI. - Marquette I think ;) Later - Take Care and thanks again!