Sunday, October 15, 2006

If you are having download issues...

I believe that it's just a fluke, but occasionally someone has a problem downloading a file. Sometimes if you come back the next day it's fine (don't ask me why). If you need a response (or in case I need to respond) please provide your email or email me directly that way I can fix the problem or find out if you finally got it to work.

FIREFOX/OTHER USERS: Sometimes switching over to IE helps.

OTHER TIPS: From asking around, there's other things like firewalls and anti-virus things that act up preventing a good download and playing with the settings helps. All of my zips contain image or text files - nothing else. There is a way to scan them before unzipping but that varies from program to program so read your help files or go to the software's website and look up their FAQ's. When I download something I try to unzip it as soon as possible to make sure it went thru. I do download my own stuff and check it. I did find a bad upload once.

PASSWORD PROTECTED ZIPS: I password protect my zips I upload to my store and will be using it for my upcoming assignments. If that's what you are having problems with it may be that either you found a store download and didn't read the post about purchasing it or you typed in the wrong password. I can help, but please email me if you did purchase it and can't open it. I do check my encrypted zips with 3 different PASSWORD CRACKERS before I upload them.

AND WHEN EMAILING me or anyone else: leave details of the problem, not "this kit won't open - help!" We don't have any way of knowing how to help if we don't know what kit, what download site, etc. The reply post 95% of the time should be the solution not "what were you trying to do?"

AND LASTLY: Download Hosters regularily shut down for maintenance. Usually they do it when it's night time somewhere in the United States. Check their site if you suspect this, but most are good about saying why you can't download when your attempt fails.

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DeCrin said...

Thanks for the tips on downloading problems. I have had my first hiccup today with the first part of the leaf alpha. I will try your first suggestion and come back again tomorrow and then take it from there. Wish me luck!! Thanks, as always.