Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not Your Cup of Tea??

I didn't think of it until tonight, but I am going to start separating my items so that those that don't want to download something can still grab the parts that aren't subject specific.

Remember that if you see a great kit, such as for a newborn girl, but a boy one isn't offered, you can always recolor it by editing. Depending on your program, you should be able to do this to the whole kit. In Scrapbook Factory Deluxe you can't alter a png file or it will get a plain white background around it (like a button). The papers can be recolored in SFD by right clicking and selecting Edit Photo. You can save this new image too - highly recommended.

In the Boy Scout kit there's these downloads that have "plain" items mixed in:
Papers 3-4-5 & 6
Frames and both Alphas


Tina said...

Thank you so much for the Boy Scout freebies. I had to catch up...there was a lot of dl. I guess that's that happens when you don't get to play on the computer everyday...lol. Thanks again

twoisisomega said...

Thank you so much for giving us this BS kit.