Saturday, October 21, 2006


I've been asked a few times what I did... recently we sold our house but because of being laid off we are unable to buy a house immediately so we moved in with his parents for the time being. I normally have a glass-top electric stove (and LOVE it) but the other day I was cooking on a gas stove. Old habits die hard... I grabbed a towel to pick up the pan of spaghetti and caught the towel on fire (right now all the firemen in my family are shaking their heads - that's the rattle you hear, lol). Anyway, no one got hurt and no damage was done, if you don't include me. I didn't get burnt too bad, just my fingertips and looking at the blisters, I don't think I have fingerprints left. My right hand is fine but with all the typing, the throbbing fingertips and just the plain irritation of it all, I've been trying to do some easy stuff that all I have to do is click here, click there. It even hurts to make a fist.

I should have the rest of the BOY SCOUT PATCHES up by mid-week. I have a paying opportunity to scan some photo albums for someone so I do plan on doing that first. I have a helper that will be typing and clicking while I load the scanner and reassemble the pages (all of her photos are coming out of those sticky albums and she's asked me to add those to a new album that uses no glue but has a cool tool that came with it to cut slits for the photos to slide into - awesome! You could use a utility knife like I did, but this little thing is small and precise.)

I want to thank everyone (especially those at RAKS) that have gave me advice on treating burns. I actually grabbed the diaper rash ointment because all of our stuff was in storage and I have no clue what my mother-in-law has (she wasn't here). It worked pretty good, so did "soaking like Madge" in the Noxema. I'm using this stuff from Gold Bond now (again just grabbing what works) and wearing a glove to keep the stuff on it at night while I sleep.

Speaking of home remedies - I do genealogy and read a lot of old newspapers. In them you will find tons of home remedies, they either are cheap and work great, just make you look goofy or will get you killed. I really like the home remedy one of my customers gave me for curing migraines - put a banana peel on your forehead. Well, it didn't really take the pain away but it did wonders for the disposition, sitting there watching a movie and looking like I had too much to drink!

Well, I will get some more freebies up late tonight 10-21-06. Have to go get the family up out of bed and make breakfast (no stove, just milk, bowl and cereal - I'm going all out today!)


Anonymous said...

I hope your burns heal fast and any remedy you choose works!

cindiaskew said...

the migraine remedy really made me laugh. i've suffered since i could walk, so it's a way of life, and that's a new one for me. lol

Scrapcat4914 said...

Sorry to hear what happened with the stove I know where your coming from with the firefighter's.
I'm a retired firefighter and one time I went to a call with food in the oven with the oven on LOL but Thank the Lord I had it on preheat!
Another time we where on standby at a neighboring Fire Co. when our tones went off for a brush fire right behind our house, my husband and I had alot of ribbing on that.

Lisa said...

OUCH is right!!! I can picture the banana thing now :). Good luck with the photo album and I hope those burns heal real soon.