Thursday, October 12, 2006

Plaid Plopper (UPDATED POST)

(No Preivew)

Using a Quick Click from an ad inspiration made by Pattie Knox, I created this sepia toned plopper in plaid and solids.


I've had such a busy past couple of days between adding the Digi-Attic and running errands, then to get record amount of snow for October 12th! There's a half inch stuck to the 1st floor roof (I'm upstairs) and there's chunks stuck to trees that look to be about 2 inches worth. More snow tomorrow and looking west I see nothing but thick, dark gray clouds moving in again when you look east you see puffy white clouds and blue skies. Life in Michigan.

Click on photo [missing] for more, large, high rez shots you can grab if you wish. Sign reads "Fall is here, free pumpkin gourds with syrup purchase". Note the green leaves on the trees still. From this shot I see 3 seasons!

While I'm getting the "store" online the freebies will still keep coming, just not as timely as they have been in the past couple of weeks.


Granna Deanna said...

Thank you for this quickpage. I'm still struggling to learn my graphics program and appreciate all the help & shortcuts I can get!

~HJ said...

I like the quickpages and ploppers too. Just toss on a couple photos, some words, an element here and there, maybe even placing the plopper on a bigger paper and you're done. Some programs allow you to "edit photo" so there you can play with the color, this plopper looks good in a blue hue too.

twoisisomega said...

Thanks for giving so much of yourself.

lostnana said...

Thank you... as a former michigan gal myself i can totally relate to the green leaves and snow :-)

glued2mybook05 said...

Thanks for the photos. I am using one for a background in a LO I scraplifted from you at RakScraps. Its the one with the park photo, father and son. Another photo is my desktop. Oh and thanks for my siggy.