Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scrapbooking Tips

[Originally posted 10-5-06]

To create a hanging picture frame look from a frame, tag or paper: make an upside down V with a couple of strings, chains or ribbons - or use an alpha! To the top of the V add a brad, snap or pin. Add your frame and photo. Group these together with your program's group tool so you can adjust the size or move it around on your LO without having to reassemble.

Need a matching ribbon and don't have one? Have you ever thought about reducing a paper so it's long and narrow? How about doing that to a photo?? Need a drop shadow for your new ribbon? See the September archives here at the FV for drop shadow freebies!

Add pizzazz to your photos by stacking and shifting them with layers of the same photo. Try changing the ones beneath to black and white, leaving the one on top in color.


DeCrin said...

Thanks for this tip Holly, I will give it a try and cross my fingers!

Granna Deanna said...

What great advice! Sometimes the simple is the most useful! Thanks for further equipping me with more than just freebies!

MarthaElaine said...

Good tips, HollyAnn! Thanks for including them! It is so worth visiting this site!