Thursday, October 19, 2006

Storybook Alpha

(sorry, no preview)

DOWNLOAD FOR Q PAGE IS FIXED. (the .png wasn't on the link - oops!)

I have a powdery pastel alpha made in the Storybook font in 3 colors. Downloads are all under 550kb and image files (not zipped).

Letters A-P

Letters A-P

Letters A-P


grammyscraps said...

Thanks for the new alphas.......I always love yours. The A-P downloaded ok but all the Q-Z said files not found? Anyway, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the storybook alphas - like grammyscraps, the Q files were not found on all three colors.

grammevt said...

same here,hate to be a pain but would very much like the rest of the storybook alpha,it lovely

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You for sharing more of your fantastic alpha's

grammevt said...

thanks,so very much.i am able to get the rest of the storybook alpha.i don't know if you did anything,but when i tried refreshing the page it worked. donna

tandrea40 said...

Thank you for the great alphas. I love the font and the colors are so soft looking, thanks again!

Joy said...

Thank you... they are awesome.

twoisisomega said...

These alpha's a lovely I can use them on new granddaughter's LO's

Risa said...

I think you have some kind of really cool talent for alpha's. Thanks for sharing :) xo

WendyW said...

Love these, thanks Holly!

jenjenjasp said...

again, holly....WAY cute!!!!

sorry I didn't respond to your last email, but my computer has decided to take a LONG break...heehee. I have finally gotten an operating system reinstalled, after a week of trying....soo hopefully I will be up and running soon!

But I haven't forgotten you...found your blog again by "hit and miss" typing! HA how is THAT for luck???


jenjenjasp said...

and my q pages were just fine!