Sunday, November 12, 2006

OT: Bath and Body Works and Verizon

Friday we had to run to the mall and pay Verizon, the blood sucking cell phone company that insists we go over our minutes every stinking month, yet we don't even come close (but the next plan down we will go over), they fix the bill yet leave on their stupid late fees, so we go and we gripe, every month same thing. There's no switching. We have a large family and I think between all of us we have had cells from every company out there, and since I travel for work I know that EVERY cell company looses calls, has bad patches, yaddah yaddah... Verizon we will stay (but not because they are making us happy). Oh, and Motorolla needs to learn how to make their house charger cords as durable as the car chargers. 2 identical phones and neither of the cords work. Have you ever tried to charge a cell phone in the freezin' cold of Michigan? I have, and I'll call ya when it's charged.

[TIP from the Today Show: Dial 46645 (Google) instead of calling 411-Connect. 411C costs $1.50, Googling costs the amount your plan charges for a text message. Let's say you are dialing a flower shop called Fanny's, your text message should be the zip code (the post office code not area code from phone) and Fanny's. Google will send you a text back with the results, addy and phone numbers. If there's more than one you may get 2-3 texts. That's still over $1 cheaper than 411C. Not sure if this works for other companies, but I am sure it will.]

Anyway... while there we stopped in at Bath and Body Works. I was in need of more Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion and shower gel. Love Love Love that stuff. The store, wowwie wow, was all decked out in red, the store so beautiful (I never cared what a store looked like, gimmie my stuff and leave, hate shopping, but this was awesome, even their stationery for the gift card was too cool). At first though, they had some pine scent that burned my nose, they really should rethink that one (hey no one is perfect, not even B-BW). So the gal walked up to us and asked what we needed. I told her that money was an issue but I *had to have* my vanilla lotion. I wanted to know if they had any gift baskets. She did have some but none that really sold me. She returned from the counter with a coupon for any $10 purchase you get something $13 or less free. So I got my big vanilla lotion and skipped the shower gel and OMG!! bought a tube of shimmer body cream called "Wickedly Hot Chocolate". Yep. Chocolate lotion. We have entered a new dimension of chocolate obsession, one that you'd glady wear - actually smear - on your hips! So in USC I spent (with Michigan tax) $11.13 on what would have been $23.85 - to top it off the gal gave me another coupon for $10 of any $30 purchase or $15 off any $50 purchase thru December 20th. I will be back for the Twisted Peppermint lotion (oh yummy) and there's another I forgot the name of (it could be the gingerbread one, I smelled so many). The caramel popcorn one smelled like a movie theater. It's bad enough I'm sitting here smelling myself of chocolate wanting to raid the kids Halloween candy. Is it no wonder why they call it "Guilty Pleasures"?

It's so hard being a woman with a chocolate addiction. Please, don't send help!

(Oh, hey, I "stole" their background image from B-BW and going to use it here, does that make me bad?)

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