Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanksgiving Tubes

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Turkey, Squash, Pumpkin Pie, and Corn tubes converted over to png files for your use. These ARE NOT my creations. They are free downloads from the PSP website. So I know you read this, the password for the zip file is creditpsptubes. The files were already in 300dpi.

Direct Link to Folder - Zip "TdayTubes"

I would have created something with these but right now I am dealing with a broken burner drive (a certain little tod in my house tried to put more than one CD in it). I have a 7 year old tower that has never had any hardware breakdowns, although it's left on a good 20 hours a day! I've had bugs that have crashed my computer but learned not to mix my teenagers with my computer (I got them their own). I also crashed it by having too many things on it that when I shut it down there wasn't the resources to boot back up! Oops! It's a Compaq Presario running W98/IE6 with 14gigs of storage. How do I manage? I back my stuff up frequently and archive only what's necessary on my computer.

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