Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Transparency Issues

It was brought to my attention that some of my designs have this transparency that's undesirable. This mainly affects the solid colored items, like the slide frames in the Guffy Gobble Kit. I have looked into it and noticed it myself when I didn't notice it before. What I did find is that once I save my LO to a jpg the images were "flattened" and the unintended transparency went away. I tested this again on my jellies and vellums I made with an intended transparency and it saved the way it is supposed to, making the object beneath appear thru. I can't explain why it works that way. Before I saved it I tried layering with more than one of the solid yellow frame and it made the drop shadow look hideous. I found that this happened with another designer too and she didn't have a cure for it other than not to make any more solids, she adds a texture to all of her png files. Jpg backgrounds that do this can be flattened during the design process. Png files can't because that will add a white box around the image rendering it useless for scrapbooking. I have some unflatted solid jpegs out there. You can fix this before saving by adding a white square beneath the sheet and grouping them.

THANK YOU! to Marnie for bringing this up.

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