Friday, December 15, 2006

Feeling Green Kit

I found this awesome little background image while blogsurfing and snagged it for inspiration for one kit that turned into two - Feeling Green and Feeling Blue - but this has nothing to do with mood. I was actually in a great mood and seeing how these were turning out only improved it.

Feeling Green is made up of 7 zips, totalling 15 megs. You will absolutely LOVE the first alpha, it's my favorite and where I started with this (it was only going to be an alpha and now there's 2 kits). The kit is perfect for so many themes - Christmas, Spring, Summer, Heritage, Camping, or green to be green. The pieces only match because of color. I just went wild with the patterns and textures, so mix it up with the rest of your stash.

I know this will be part of your favorites too.

Click Esnips link below to download (I just started uploading and have a Christmas party tomorrow - hope to get them up before the night is up though - still a dial-upper).

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Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You so much for thr green mini!