Friday, December 15, 2006

Historical Layouts

This is a perfect example of digital scrapbooking and genealogy merging together. I had taken a trip up north and found some cool old houses. I love these old houses and their architecture. This is just one page of a series. I took the houses that were from Elberta and added some travel information and history of the town with a map. I made sure I included the webpage where I got some of my information (one section of text was just copied and pasted from the site).

Scrap anything your heart desires, not just that 19 month old that keeps stealing your shoes and stuffing them full of toys. It's a great way to preserve your memories and tell the stories about everything you ever wanted to share with someone else. Ever think about taking photos of items in your house that you want handed down to someone in particular? You can scrap it with it's special story, who gets it and why. And lets not forget those newspaper clips that aren't acid free... with digital it doesn't matter - scan it. Put objects on the scanner if it's small and detailed.

Google Earth and Terra Server has some great aerial/satellite shots that you could put in your layouts about your home and where you grew up.

I love digital scrapbooking because I can roll all of my little hobbies into this one medium and I won't have to keep telling the same stories over and over again since I scrap my "pictoral journal" as much as I can.

I have caught myself taking pictures just because I downloaded or created a kit and "have to use it". I've always taken my kids here, there and everywhere - but now it's not just for fun, it's for my digital addiction.

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