Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've Been Scrapping!

With all of the family around lately, I have been asked where my new layouts are... huh? Layouts?? Oh, yeah! I've been on the design side for so long that I forgot to scrap! So between family visits, mom things and creating graphics I have been scrapping. This is a good thing. Though I have purchased and downloaded what fills 12 back-up CD's and then there's my 6 CD's worth of my creations, I have found a lack of this and that. While making a new layout I have stopped to create an alpha here or word art there. I'm finding that really there's not enough alphas the world. Alphas set the mood of a layout and if you use certain ones too much it gets noticed. I repeat papers and elements a lot but try not to with alphas. Tonight I made a wood one that I needed and a cardboard one by mistake that came from working with the wood one (one of these will show up here eventually).

If you want to see my new layouts then check my Rakscraps Gallery.


Tired of your alphas? You can cut your alpha sheets and alter their color with a small program that last for 60 days unless you purchase it (worth the $$). It's called JASC Animation Shop. You can make blinkies with it too, that's why I suggest it. The link is to the right near the bottom of Offsite Links (Corel).

Add dimension to your alphas by stacking backgrounds in layers. Crop your background to keep the detail large. Add vellums and maybe tie it together with your ribbons, paperclips or springclips after you add your alpha.

Use those tags for each letter, plop an alpha on top of a plain button.

Crop an interesting section of one of your layout photos - such as Christmas lights -and use it as a texture for your word art. (In Scrapbook Factory Deluxe this would be steps Text Tools>Add Own Text>Select Font>Type Wording>Color Tab/Texture>Custom Texture>Add Texture>Browse Hard Drive for Saved Clip>Okay>Okay>Ta-dah!) Now you have a custom alpha or word art that matches beautifully!

And don't forget my favorite tip - you can cut and shrink papers to make them into ribbons. I had this cute paperclip that didn't have a matching element or ribbon and stacked it continuously in a row, careful not to show the clip part and made a ribbon of sorts.

There's no real rules in digi-scrapping - only that you use your imagination - because there's no glue afterall!!


Josie said...

Thanks for all those tips about making an alpha. I'm gonna print your suggestions out for future use.

Pixel Scribe said...

Thanks for the tips on the alpha's and I highly agree there are just not enough alpha's in the world! I am quite obsessed with the collecting, creating and usage of them in all sorts of things... I like to keep various journals and make titles / wordart for my entries. Then of course there is digiscrapping which I am fairly new to and web sites which I am not new to. The list goes on endlessly of course but I will stop for now :P