Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sites of the Week

Site of Rozeli Correia (I am a big fan of this site - you may need to translate it)
Luckybug Scrapbooking An interesting site, forum style, lots of freebies.
Tedibear's Den Some really cute stuff!

It took me 3 attempts to get the "Watch Me Grow" kit from Tedibear's Den, but it was so worth the work. It's the most adorable animal kit I have seen. It reminds me of my Farmies Kit (below), though her's is in bright colors. A must have if you have kids. You will have to surf her archives to find them and others. Not all of her links are expired so be patient.


DeCrin said...

Hi Holly,
As usual, I am loving all your work. How on earth do you find the time to make these for everyone at this busy time of year?! On quick question please, you suggested visiting the Site of Rozeli Correia and the fact that we may need to translate. Is there a specific site that you know of that can be used to translate the blog? I haven't a clue where to start looking. I am at itsdecrin@hotmail.com. Thanks Holly

~HJ said...

I have a button above my webpage (part of my browser) that translates the page. You can also go to any of many sites that translate pages and copy/paste the link on their page. A new page will open that looks like the webpage you want to view but in very bad English, LOL. To find a list of places that translate just google it, I use altavista's babelfish just cuz it's there.

DeCrin said...

Thanks Holly! I'll give it a go. A bad translation is better than what my stabs in the dark would be!!