Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Making a Header

I had someone ask how to make a header. If you don't have a graphics program then use your scrapbook software and a photo editor (directions here based on that). I make my headers 800 pixels wide (since they look nice on smaller monitors and most people have their resolutions set at 800x600 anyway). I set the height for my mood - 200 is narrow, 300 is my typical size and I've used 400 which gets chunky. Lets start with your photo editor to get the pixel size perfect - first create your background color or image and set/crop to the size you want (and take note of what it is in inches, you will need that later) and save. Import it into your scrapbook program, canvas size set to anything. Make sure your image is on the canvas the correct size, using the inches I just mentioned. Stack your items as you want them but keep them on your background image. Save. Import back into your photo editor, crop and check that the pixel size still is the same and views nicely at 100%. Make any needed changes, save. Upload to your photo host (like Photobucket), copy and paste the code into your blog template. If you need further help you can get an idea by viewing my source code (from browser click view/source and a text box will open up) or email me with your blog link and I will tell you where to put it. I hope this made sense. Without doing a bunch of pictures or sitting next to someone guiding them thru it, I don't know if I do a good job explaining, but I try.

Nuff babbling, have to make some new headers and I still want to make that metal doodle frame! LOL!!

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