Thursday, January 25, 2007

I had a crash

First of all, sorry about the download from the This and That post - I will work on that tonight. (Update: they deleted it because it needed a password, so dumb!)

Secondly - my computer that I do most of the work on has finally had a hardware failure, but my hard drive with all of it's contents are okay thank goodness. I just need to find out what is broken in between. The Alpha CD items are on this computer and is nearly complete, having about 30% more to cut. The January CD however, is what I was working on and was 10 megs from being complete and is stuck on the broken computer. Does anyone know how to get information off one hard drive using another computer? When the kids are around I have to share this computer with them and it seems I am gone when they are, working etc. So I usually create the goodies on my old dinosaur.

Anyway, I do have to run. I'm still sick, just a nasty upper respitory infection, complete with migraine, which mixes nicely on a sunny day and snowy scenery!! Driving the car is murder.

I will keep you all posted.

BTW- my crash happened while making a preview for another completed freebie (boo hoo). But that freebie is easy to replicate and will be up soon.

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