Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Email Feedback

ORGANIZING: When I first started purchasing and downloading graphics I was dumb when it came to organizing things. I put all papers with papers, alphas with alphas, even if they were in kits I split them up. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. I now have them both ways, where I have folders titled Alphas, Elements, Full Kits, Papers, Quick Pages, Templates, Forum-Groups and By Designer. I break the alphas into sub-folders by style (metals, baby, pastels, word art), elements by what they are (fasteners, ribbons, holiday), papers by theme or what they are (stripes, diamonds, dots, floral or tags, mats, journaling). I look at if as if it wasn't digital when I file them. If in real life it's made of paper it goes under paper, if it's an object it goes under elements. I like the idea of organizing by designer then breaking it down by alphas, kits, elements, etc. That way you can have a folder of TOU and a internet shortcut to their website. (For IE users: right click on webpage, select create shortcut to desktop, right click on icon on desktop, cut, open folder where their designs are, paste shortcut here. Now whenever you are in that folder if for some reason you need to go back to their website you have the link handy, no trying to sort thru thousand of links in your favorites to find her blog or website! For designers, put your link in with your downloads, I will be doing that soon.)

CREATING LAYOUTS: When I create a layout I get my inspirtation from many places. New photos usually get scrapped as soon as I can so the memory is fresh. Older photos get scrapped much differently. I may take a photo or collection and scrap it. I have taken a series of photos from the order they were in the album and scrap them as a series of pages to match. Then I have taken a kit and chose it because the kit inspired the layout. I try to match the graphics to either the theme of the photos or to what people are wearing. I have also made a printed questionaire of sorts that I keep in my purse and work on it like at the doctor's office, or wherever I may be waiting. It's a list about a particular year and person, that has name, age, grade, year, homes, phone numbers, school, teachers, friends from school, friends from around home, friends from work, pets, vehicles, trips, big events, medical notes, family affairs and those that have passed. What I put here can go in a "year in review" style layout.

CREATING GRAPHICS: I get my inspirations from clip arts, lack of having something for a layout, the seasons, photos I may be scrapping might not have a kit that fits it, and oh, yes, I do copy a general idea from someone else's kit occasionally. Once I scanned the fabric on a dress that I wanted to use for the background of a prom layout and it turned out great, so many papers I made were offspring of these scans. I may have altered the texture, gave a chalky appearance or something to make it not look like fabric and more like paper. I just played. This can be done on any photo editing or scrapbooking software since the fabric scan is a square image without the transparent background like a png file.

THANKS: Go out to all of you that have posted comments here or at my hosters, have rated files for others, and have taken the time to send an email with thanks or with questions. I try to answer all of them, but as you see I have taken the most popular questions and answered them here.

THE PASSWORDS: Many of us designing out there are having issues with snatch and grabbers, hot-linkers, pirates in general. We are combating this with passwords. Each person hides their passwords in different ways. Mine are simple, if you read you will find it, but I don't say "the password is..." because people scan for that word so they can skip all of the TOU, credits and what-not and just be rude and greedy. My Rusty Flower collection was sent around in a yahoo group posting, which it was a freebie for all to have but they are missing out on the rest of my items and what comes with my freebies. If you are reading this you know exactly what I mean, especially if you are a regular. So the PW's aren't to be mean or to make it hard on you to get the freebies. Some of you know I have passed out freebies hidden in posts and TOU before. Those that catch it are rewarded. If you find my links out and about just ask the moderator or poster to add my website. Filefront doesn't have a section for commenting, so like with the Rusty Flowers, they can't ask about anything or say thanks.

Time to clean a house...


Pooh Bear said...

So much info. I love it when there are... this is how I do this or that. I'm always looking for a better way to sort and still be able to find... lol..
I hate the pw's but I totaly understand it. I'm just happy that talented scrappers like yourself are willing to share....
Thank you!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tips on organizing! I know from experience how those files can get out of hand. I appreciate the info and all that you share with us so willlingly. :)