Saturday, January 06, 2007

Snowman Papers

A handful of adorable snowman pages in pastels of antique white, pink and blue. There's 5 zips of the above snowmen (3 up at this posting) and 1 zip of another style of snowman. The first snowmen were a purchase from Susie's Graphics, but she also has linkware available in adoptables and websets.

The first 5 zips credit should go to both myself (known as Digi-Attic Designs and HMWGraphics) and must include Susie's Graphics.

PS: It may be tempting to grab items from the December Kits folder at this same site. You will be wasting your time as these are password protected. I have used a password cracker on them and after an 12-24 hour test run, I'd say they are zipped tight. These were from my paid membership collection.


Pixel Scribe said...

Thanks for the cute papers :) & not that I mind getting your freebies but when were you gonna take that vacation you mentioned previously :P Don't burn yourself out! Have a great weekend!

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank you for these adorable BG's

~HJ said...

Hey, I'm on that vacation... I am just uploading what's floating around! LOL!! By the way, the first alpha CD is almost done. Have about 550 megs but I do have to cut the alpha sheets apart still (that part is so boring).

rita said...

Hi Holy!

I downloaded your timeless kit, it is wonderful. I tried downloaded it for several times this week and its number of downlods per day were always reached, finally I got it :)

Thank you very much for sharing so beautiful work!

rimalicious said...


Tina said...

Thanks Holly for the great Snowman papers. Geez, what I had to go through to post a comment....I switched my blogger acct to the beta version which required I change to a Google acct. It took me forever to figure out how to post a comment on a blogger acct. I think I got it now.