Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry I haven't kicked up a freebie lately. I am so busy redoing the blogs and photobucket, which also means changing links. If some graphic you are trying to get has a broken link (mainly in my archives), hang in there, I will change it. Just a hint, if it's a photobucket link I changed the hollymark part (deleting the number altogether) and added Alphas if it is lettering, Elements for those and QuickPages. So if you are new to the site and want to browse the archives, just change the bad links like so and see if you get better results (be sure to keep the capitalization and spelling as I put it or link won't work). In time all the previews and graphics should be back the way they were.

I don't mind the change, really. I don't want to ever be confused for someone that's that petty and I certainly don't want some lawsuit from a multi-million dollar company. I want my own identity, as do most of us.

I just stopped it to say Happy Valentine's Day and to give you an update. I still have more of my "web furniture" to move.

Be back soon...

1 comment:

cindiaskew said...

i appreciate your labors and your talents, sooo much. please don't ever leave us. i've been mia and missed any problems. appreciate you!