Thursday, February 08, 2007

Moved Post

I'm deleting blogs that aren't really being used and found this post everyone might be interested in:

"I accidentally put two text overlays on top of each other (one just didn't delete) and it looked pretty good actually. I had to adjust them a bit but I liked the effect.

Also, in wanting to preserve my memories I found I didn't have photos to go with all of them, such as my many trips to the movies. So this spring I am planning on going to all of the places I hung out or had memories of, even if they no longer look like the way they were when I went there. I'm also going to visit the historical societies for photos. Sometimes they will make good copies for you (for a price of course) but occasionally you can just snap photos with your digital. Make sure you get permission first and tell them what you are doing it for. Careful with your flash - you may want to find out if you can shoot them out of the glass. If you are going to more than one historical society snap a photo of their sign so you know the next photos are from them (saves paper and time record keeping).

Another way to get those photos that you want, google your desired place. I'm going to use the Pix Theater for an example, if you can't find it under Pix then search "the town + movies". Someone in your town may have photos posted but not the actual name of the place in the photo. You can always find a Freecycle group (usually a Yahoo group) in your area and ask the moderator if you can post a request for these photos. There are also online garage sale groups you may want to try. Besides that, I have found old photos with the local police department, restaurants like Applebees, Chamber of Commerce, township halls, our local hospital has photos in the halls, advertise in the newspaper, local library, high schools, businesses that have been around for decades... Do you have family in a nursing home? Do they have a message board?

Speaking of newspapers, like where I'm from, the Library of Michigan has a room dedicated to microfilms of the old newspapers, organized by town. You charge up a swipe card, find your roll, search the reel, find something and hit print. Now the genealogy part of me steps in - collect important dates to find those neat additions to any scrapbook or family history collection - birth announcements, death and probate (which mention other family members), anniversaries (especially 25th and 50th), graduations (our paper back in the 50's listed each graduate, their parents, their address, their college and career goal as well as the class photo), weddings, family reunions, etc.

The following records are public - death, marriage, divorce and criminal (but not juvenile). Birth, adoption and mental health are not. You can obtain birth records if you are on the record itself or can produce a death certificate. Adoption issues need advice of an agency or attorney. Mental health records, good luck. The recent ones are sealed. Ancient ones are destroyed or hard to come by. The state archives is a great place to hang out (remember most states require you to bring a photo ID, pencil and paper - nothing else is allowed in the viewing room).

Picture taking tips - stand on something and snap from above, sit on the ground and take a photo looking up, take some straight on and from both sides. Have your small child take a few pictures of what they like (this is such a funny and educational thing to do for both child and parent). If you are taking pictures of buildings you have to think to yourself what you are interested in. Do you want the building to be the entire subject or do you want it artistic? How does the sun factor in this image? If you don't want a sun effect then take these pictures on a cloudy day. What will the place look like at sunrise, noon and sunset? Should you make several trips? I suggest taking the several trips even if you don't use all photos for the scrapbook. They are just nice to have. Another trick I like, if possible, take a photo of your building through the window of another building. No flash.

If you are doing pages on your home or previous homes, try googling aerial and satellite image sites. One of my favorites is TerraServer who shows black and white images but occasionally if you are in an urban area you can get in much closer and in color! What a nice touch to a scrappage or family history. If you are in Michigan, here's a guy who has lake images. The ones he prints for sale are worth the $$. If you don't see your lake, just email him and check his site 3-4 times a year to see if he's been out there. He's great at answering his email though."

I'm also going to add a fun thing that I want to do with my next house is to find a spot in the yard to snap a photo and take a photo of it once a month for a year then scrap it. I'm thinking of planting a pine tree and having my kids stand by it each time. I'm sure I'll do this for more than a year, but 12 shots on a page seems enough. After a few years maybe I can take one shot a year and scrap them over the years instead of over the months.


Josie said...

Great tips! I especially love the tree photo idea in the last paragraph! Thanks!

glued2mybook said...

i loved these tips too didn't really think to take pix from a diff angle