Friday, February 02, 2007

Quick Page Tips

I got a chance to scrap today, just a little. We are playing this hot potato game with a bad cold, taking turns. Nick has been in my lap most of the day, whiney, has to be an ear ache - my family curse. Glad I didn't have any out of the house work to do (only for the sick baby and weather part, will miss the cash not earned).

I spent most of the day in front of the computer, working on the replacement CD for the "temporarily lost" January. For those 3 that have the 8 CD orders out there, the items you have been seeing lately (Meghan, the above QP) are from this CD I am working on - nearly complete, so shipping looks like maybe Monday.

Tips above suggest not only putting photos in the cut-outs, but putting papers in them. Or if you don't like some of the items on the quick page, then just cover them up with your other stuff. Right click and save above tip if you wish.

Credits for above layout: my Bobby Quick Page, my scratch alpha from the alpha CD and a metal freebie I found over at DSP.

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Joy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations.