Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Techy Updates

Earlier this week Blogger high-jacked my blogs and made me upgrade them to "New Blogger". Though you don't see the change, I do when I post and manage. The look of what Blogger calls the dashboard has different features and posting is a bit different. Not that it's a bad thing, I just like to be able to "grab something from the cupboard without looking" and know I got it right. You get used to this being here and that being there...

Which brings me to the next weirdness in my life. We all know about my 7 year old computer many now know as Dino the Dinosaur had a motherboard crash. I was running Windows 98 on it and was still quite happy despite the 14 gigs and the general turtleness of it all. I was familiar with and able to tweek it how I needed or wanted it. Then I had to work on the newer computer, installing my hard drive on it to retrieve what may have otherwise been lost. I had to learn how to use XP. I used this computer over the summer but I truly preferred my Dino. I installed all of my programs, organized my files again, was starting to really settle in (but not comfortably) to the XP machine. My oldest two had saved up some money for their own laptop and with 8 kids sharing one computer with this scrapbooking nerd, well things were getting ugly. A purchase had to be made. Money was a factor. I surfed and made many phone calls looking for a deal. I found a decent one, getting not one but two new laptops for $450 each. They aren't the fanciest around but they will do the job. Of course the boys are sharing the laptop they paid for, the other laptop replacing Dino. I'm sharing mine with my #3 child and my step children are going to use Dad's XP machine.

Oh, did I forget to mention the laptops are Vista's?? Yep. I couldn't get them with XP on it. Nothing new on regular store shelves have anything but Vista Home Basic at least. I turned on the computer at 5pm and had to let it run. Occasionally it prompted for some information. Out of the box set-up took me about 40 minutes. Then I had to install *sigh* everything else.

Gimp 2.2 installed and ran great (I installed the GTK with the wimp unchecked first). I know there's a newer version out there, just 2.2 was the newest when I downloaded it and I, of course, backed it up on disk. So scrapbooking graphics will be created successfully on the new beast.

Scrapbook Factory Deluxe installed but have yet to start it up. ACDSee runs fine. Chuzzle and Baker's Dozen is as entertaining as ever. I'm just sad that so far I can't get Adobe Photo Deluxe 3.0 to install. I know it's older, it's a program I already bought and paid for and happen to enjoy. I am satisfied without the upgrade. I will try again some other day.

Starting tomorrow I have the headache of transferring all brushes, templates, graphics, photos, yaddah yaddah on this. I've had a fun evening of signing into things I had previously selected "remember me" on and can't for the life of me remember a password or find the notebook I keep them in. I don't use the same passwords for anything and I pick strange ones. Even the ones I had to retrieve or reset recently I forgot already. Gosh, I'm bad.

PROS AND CONS OF VISTA: So far I can't have too much of an opinion. I like that the quick launch bar is back and the icons and graphics are the nicest I think they have ever been. I miss the ability to drag a link from the addy bar to the browser up top (if there's a way to do this I haven't found it yet). I know I can add a link to my favs but I like just clicking from the top. Also, Vista is a little 4 year old that keeps asking mommie "can I, can I ??" I don't expect a computer to completely think for itself, yet I do expect some kind of brain function. Although the jury is still out, Vista is getting a 7 of 10, when XP got a 5 from me.

Oh, and with the laptop, no mouse. Need to retrain brain and pick up a mouse I can use with laptop. I noticed in making a template that my pointer finger just wasn't precise enough. And I am completely lost without the number pad to the right. I NEVER use the number keys above unless I need the punctuation. I am no longer Ms. Robo-type.

It's late, Conan is on and Eric is beside me snoring (I think, but maybe it's annoyed moans because I am shaking the bed while typing, lol).

Goodnight all, and I'll keep everyone posted. Please share your Vista experiences in the comments if you have it and wish to.

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Pixel Scribe said...

Adobe Photo Deluxe 3.0 (older apps)/ Vista...

I don't have Vista yet but planning a new pc purchase...

does Vista have the property option that XP has (right click on applications exe)... run in compatability with... (w95, w98, etc.,)?

if so MAYBE you can browse the cd instead of allowing for auto install and then possibly run the install under a different version of windows even while vista is the actual os.

I am not sure how this will work for you or if it will even work. we did this on XP for some of my hubbies old w95 games :P

laters & good luck :P