Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Esnips, Comments and Paper Scraps

UPLOADS: I've been trying all morning to get the last 3 files up but I get this "apache tomcat" error from Esnips. I even transferred the files to another computer and that didn't work either.

COMMENTS: When making a comment you want a reply to, please leave it on the blog or email me. I can't reply to comments on Esnips and have trouble posting to my own account for some reason. I was asked about paper scrapping, many of my items can be printed out to use in paper scrapping, but I only recommend the 3600x3600 papers (which print out as 12x12 inches). The only things I have printed out really are the finished layouts. I know a lot of people are into what's called "Hybrid Scrapping". I have a couple of years ago printed out a desktop wallpaper onto a solid colored sticker sheet and peeled the stickers off for the scrappages. I found the solid colored letters good for that at Michael's Crafts. I have done the opposite many times - scan my paper backgrounds and use them in digital. The yellow polka dot kit I made back in September was a paper from the scrapbook shop. You can also print out your paper or photo and use those super large die-cutters for your shapes in paper scrapping. Many mats and smaller paper items would work for this too. I don't think elements would unless you want to spend the time precision cutting things from a sticker sheet.

TIP: When I worked with paper I printed clip arts all of the time and made my own word art banners. Some glues and printer ink don't like each other, so test that, which is why working on sticker sheets is better than paper. Also, print one day and scrap with it another. Let the ink thoroughly dry. Using tweezers and the scrapbooking spray glue is helpful. Sticky dots have good and bad applications, I can't paper scrap without them. I guess it's where your "talent" is and how you can manage the different adhesives and flying children.


Pixel Scribe said...

The banner is very lovely! What is the font you used for your banner? Please & Thanks :)

Apache problems are usually on the server / host side (eSnips), not with you - the client. :)

Shell said...

I love your header. Could you share how you did it? Thanks