Monday, March 19, 2007

Header Credits

I always add credits to the bottom of my page if I use someone else's work in my headers. I don't if it's entirely from things I created.

This brings me to a question that has been asked a few times, where to find the flowers I used in my avatar, and eventually in the matching header I just created today.

You can find the entire kit, a charity compilation from many designers, over at Scrapbook-Bytes.

Note that I recolored the blue flower to get the pink and yellow. Only a blue, green and white flower are included in the kit called "Ethan Charles".

I do create blog headers and avatars (but not for free, though I do barter if someone is low on cash). The cost does include help uploading it to your blog. For info on that just send me an email.


Josie said...

Thanks for all the Ice Cream Dreams links! The kit is really cool! hehehe

Liza in NC said...

I just bought that charity kit. What a wonderful thing! Thanks for telling us about it.