Thursday, March 15, 2007

If you love cats...

...and there's a little bit about dogs -

I forgot about a blog I had about my pets. I am transferring two blogger accounts into one which hasn't been pretty. My personal blog has missing posts that mysteriously appear here and there and some blogs have disappeared altogether (it's online, just not on my dashboard so I can't access it). I even had one blog tagged as a spam-blog and it was removed. The process is almost done merging them together on one account and on new blogger, which has a "remember me" button malfunction, but you don't have a choice. New blogger is okay, just a few bugs for them to work out yet. I did notice the cute little paw print background that used to be on my site was deleted by blogger too (it was their template), so that's another page I need to redo.

Here's the kitty blog (including entries about Hitler, lol)

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