Monday, April 09, 2007

Myspace Warning

Recently someone in my house clicked on a link in his email, a friend invite for Myspace, from a gal named Sonia (we do know a Sonia). It redirected him to sign in. Everything was okay until he clicked on the profile to find out who it was before accepting, because he really didn't think he knew this person but wasn't sure. All hell broke loose. The computer was hijacked by this bug bot. All new webpages were locked on secureguidance dot com. Typing in did nothing. The homepage wasn't changed. It just wouldn't let me change what site I was on. We also had what was a cloned microsoft warning of a virus on our computer. It said we had this thing, also known as the Zlob virus. The site claimed it can remove it. What the site does is remove it as it says, but in the process of the download it uploads all of your information on your computer. Some of the files (not all) on the computer was called pmsnrr, isadd.dll, isamntr, laf7a.tmp, pmmnt, pmunst and it added a link to my favorites. Nothing I had would remove it and I couldn't access online updates (though all were recently updated). I found out the exact time he clicked on that profile and then used the windows search to find all files modified that same day, deleting all files I found that installed within the next 2 minutes. I used SmitFraudFix and RougeFix 2.07, and then restarted computer. I checked to see that all of it was gone then went to Start>Programs>Accessories>System>System Restore and rebooted with the settings from the day before this happened. Everything was okay. Then (this sounds crazy) I recreated the infection by visiting her profile and it happened again, so I know for sure it was her from Myspace. I repeated the above and finished by installing SpywareBlaster. I went to the profile a 3rd time and SB did block it successfully. Myspace allows coding on their website that facilitates these bug bots. I don't recommend my repair for everything. I was lucky not to have many things in the registry or embedded elsewhere. This worked here, maybe not the next virus. I posted this here as a warning and a possible fix, I'm not a computer expert. It infected Windows XP/IE 7.

Got Myspace? Do not click on anyone's profile link that you don't know. Change your invitation settings so the person trying to invite you has to know your email or name. Be diligent on reporting those that spam you through Myspace. I am not deleting my page, but updating it later this week, encouraging my friends and legitimate people to find me on Yahoo 360, which may not have all of the bells and whistles of Myspace, but is more secure, you can't get a virus from viewing someone's profile. I really don't use the Myspace page much anyway. In the beginning it was just my way of having a contact for a family member who has disappeared by their own choice. Since then I have "ran into" several old friends from high school.

Myspace has been notified of this person with very detailed info from us.
See ya, Sonia! LOL.


Pixel Scribe said...

It would probably be good to post this on your mySpace Bulletin before you shut it down. It might be good for your close friends on mySpace to do the same :) I wish you well on Yahoo, I will try to find you on there :) Glad you resolved the issue for the time being!

Angela said...

thank you for this warning Holly. i'm passing it to my family members who use myspace.

I hope all is well for your pc

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much - I don't care for Myspace in the first place for my kids but now that news of a virus is all I needed to hear to reaffirm no good comes from myspace - as far as I'm concerned.