Thursday, May 17, 2007

Archive Posts and Passwords

I had spent some time today fixing bad links and deleting posts for things that are no longer available. Other than a few overlay posts from March, all items should be good, even some Bestsharing links were surprisingly active. If you encounter a bad link or something that's expired just leave a message on that post. I will get it and fix bad links within the week. Expired uploads may just stay that way but still would like to remove the link or post.

Okay, now I am going to sound like a b*tch, but I am sick of people surfing through the archives just to grab and grab and they don't read the posts. Sometimes I give out some helpful advice or layout ideas, maybe a link to someone's site for additional goodies that match my things and once in a great while a password. Don't ask me to give you a password. It's either in the post or in the terms of use if there's one in the file with another zip file that's password protected. I did this because some of my things ended up surfing a yahoo group. At the time I used a host that only allowed so many downloads so my readers here couldn't get the goodies, in turn wasting my time having to upload them again. This takes away from my time creating new things.

For those of you that like sharing download links that do not allow posting a comment - you are violating any designer's terms, hurting others by cheating them out of a goodie and also cheating your readers out of the other items that designer may be offering.

Nothing was funnier than to get email after email last week about a past goodie that was password protected and the password was on the post. I joined that yahoo group and blasted the poster for doing what she did, oh, and I didn't give them the password. If you ever get something of mine through a yahoo group then it wasn't me that put it there.

Mean? Maybe. Those that design understand, those that don't, trust us, we have our reasons for feeling this way.


Lynn said...

Thank you for renewing the link!
I'm so excited that I can now add that touch to layouts.
You're "da bomb"! ;)
May God bless,

Shell said...

You tell em girlfriend. I enjoy reading blogs & like you said sometimes you find the best info by reading instead of drive by freebie grabbing. Thanks for all you do.

BelindasScrapz said...

I dont think its mean its unfortunate that its necessary and worse yet that it doesnt do much good. Those who continually violate the terms do it over and over from place to place. They used to do it in the tagging groups then they jumped to the scrapping blogs/groups when the psp artists went pay and got mean about it and got legal with them. Its sad the bad ones ruin it for those of us who want to say thanks, who want to do good (i havent done any lately been to busy but have taken the time to read and look and finally had a chance to stop by and comment and this is my sore spot piracy)
so enough ranting...thank you for what you share for your beautiful creations and I hope you keep sharing and dont let the rotten apples ruin your days..