Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Doris Kit & tidbits

I was going to have this kit uploaded today but there's nasty storms slamming through Michigan and being wired to a pole I'm not taking the chances of getting zapped. I don't have much faith in surge protectors. Unless you spend big bucks on them, the cheapo-s don't protect you from a direct or near direct lightning strike. I used to work for a power company, so I know. Anyway, I promised to have this up because it was requested by a reader. She lost her graphics while in the middle of a set of pages and couldn't find where she had gotten a kit from and she bought many kits from all over the place. She did find a flower from the kit she used on another layout so that was my starting point. The flower below is mine. I couldn't and won't copy the background page from her layout. I just made similar patterns from the layout she sent me. She had her layouts saved to disk luckily. I named the kit Doris after her, lol.

This brings up something we say over and over again - back up your files. Besides making my own, I download kits, brushes, patterns, plug-ins and templates. When I get a full CD's worth in a folder I call "not burned" I burn the them. I write on the CD a description including the date I burned it, whats on it and if the graphics are mine or not. I keep those separate. I burn them as zips because then I do not lose what the designer put in. I have a program called ACDSee which is wonderful. It doesn't leave those thumbnail files that take up space in the folder (like Windows XP, Corel programs and Picasa leaves behind). And it has a renaming tool I just love, I can rename and number several files at once. When a designer doesn't have parts named except for "paper" I will rename it, like you see I have been doing with mine lately. The title of the kit or the abbreviation is there so things don't get mixed up. Another tip to other designers, I noticed Scrapbook Factory has a problem with images that have % in the filename. This happens when someone names something like "paper red" instead of "paperred" or "paper_red". It will show the image in the preview but won't load it, saying it's corrupt. Just simply rename it and you're fine. Windows Vista is an improvement over XP when it comes to image viewing. It doesn't create a thumb file in each folder and other features are nicer but it still lacks the renaming function and the contact sheet generator I use so often. If you do a lot of reorganizing with graphics and images, ACDSee is a good buy. My version came with my scanner. I was looking at their site at the newer version and I am looking to purchase the new one soon hopefully.

The kit as you can see from the preview has an alpha set (with a glass effect), several flowers, buttons and frames along with a handful of elements. I added the frosted glass items to be different. I did a mock layout while testing the parts and I think they look great together. These pieces look nice with blue kits too. I was having file size issues with the papers so some of them are not a full 3600 pixels. They may be 1200 or 1800 instead. If you use them as full background sheets on a large layout, printing them or viewing them on a TV will make the "stretch" obvious. With most of them you can "tile" them, meaning with an 1800 sheet use four papers, one in each corner, then use your group tool. With 1200 you'd need 9 papers. Make sure you zoom in on your seams to make sure they aligned correctly. If you don't like the frosted alpha with this kit, there are a lot of fantastic alphas out there that work great with these pieces too. Gold metallics, jellies and those round ones from Shabby Princess are good choices.

Download Doris Kit


Pixel Scribe said...

thanks for all of this, love the colors and patterns :) hope you got through the storms ok :)

BelindasScrapz said...

That is the best tip you could possibly have given. That is what caused my Sony computer to crash burn and die! I had it for 5 years it was the best computer top of the line when I got it. It was fast and it was full of goodies and a great comptuter. It had a dvd/cd burner before they were common, usb ports on the front of the computer 2 of them plus 4 on the back all kind of zap from a surge and it was on a protector and that was it fatal error messages ..took it to the pc doc he tried and killed the c drive,killed the cd drive, killed the dvd drive..and to replace all that would have been as much as just getting another computer anymore so at the time i just said forget hindsite i should have picked it back up and done it part by part but eventually he did say the mother board was likely damaged also ..great advice!

Oh and this is a really beautiful kit I love the colors and the style of it thank you for sharing Doris with us and shame on anyone who does not take the time to comment and dowloads it.!!