Friday, May 11, 2007

Girl Scout Kit Part 1


The blue parts of the kit are up, old and new. There are other items tossed in the zips that can mix with other parts of my kit as well as making other designers kits a "girl scout" kit. There are elements and papers that can be used in non-scout pages too. So even if you don't want scouts or a particular color I still suggest downloading all parts of the kit. You can always delete what you don't need.

Blue Files containing non-scout items (though may have GS items also):
GSBlue06All, GSBlue07Ells, GSBlue07Papers1 and GSBlue07Papers2

The GSBlue07Logo file has glass and metallic logos, not just blue.

Files are labeled as to the color, contents and year made. Some items may be used as web buttons, webpage backgrounds or bucket fills. I got permission last year to make this kit since the GS logo is copyrighted. The terms were that I offer items for free and have them in a family friendly forum.

Now for an extension of my terms: I do give permission to burn this kit to CD and share with others in the Girl Scout community for their use. All parts of the kit must be intact and cannot be offered as your own and cannot be "sectioned off" and offered as something other than a Girl Scout Scrapbooking and Webset Kit. Items can be used to create more items, such as brushes and blogheaders. The Girl Scout terms of use follow this kit (family friendly content and free).

Girl Scout Folder on Esnips
** Papers4 isn't uploading for some reason - will try tomorrow **

For my new readers: Tina Dudley has a wonderful girl scout kit she made on her site too. (I lost her link somehow but will find it unless she is reading this and can post it in the comments section.)


Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!

Pixel Scribe said...

Thanks for all your efforts :)

BelindasScrapz said...

I have Tinas GS kit it is really great. I think hers was one of the earliest sites i ran across when trying to find a girlscout kit. She does really nice kits also. Thanks for reminding me to try and find her kit on my lost files.