Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Using My Graphics

I was asked recently and I am asked the same question from time to time about using my graphics elsewhere. If you are using them to make layouts or blogger and website graphics for yourself and family, then there's no problem, this is considered personal use. I don't really have a problem with them in the creation of FREE items either as long as credit was given back to me and they are in a form like a header or avatar. But I do not give permission to use them when you yourself is making some sort of a profit from them or by making my items reusable in their original form. They take many hours of my time to create, in the case of the last kit (Spring Birthday), this took me over the course of 4 days. I offer some things for free and some things I do sell. I feel as if I am the one who makes the choice of what items I have for sale and for free. Even if reused in another form, my images are still covered by copyright. Everything that is created from music to text to images is copyrighted even if the copyright isn't posted, and that is the law of the land, not mine. I do not have a problem with someone charging to create a website with my graphics involved, but you cannot sell my graphics in any form. From time to time I do mark my freebie posts giving permission to use them as templates in making your own scrapbooking items without giving credit back (in the case of the stripe overlays and the basic frames or even the drop shadows). Other than that, a link on the bottom of the page is required if used as a header, etc. An example can be found at the bottom of this page because I used both my creations and that of someone else's. So if you download something from this site and create something with it not for yourself but for someone else, it is your responsibility to make sure a link to my site ends up on their page. How will I know if it isn't? Believe me, I do find out. I have had over 8,000 hits to this site in the last month alone. Many people know my work. And I am familiar with other designers too, and I come across their items here and there, sometimes spotting people adding elements to their kits that didn't come from them. The internet can actually be a small world.


Pixel Scribe said...

so using a paper as a fill to create some alpha's would be ok as long as the alpha's are offered for free and there is a link back to you the creator of the fill / paper... correct?

Pixel Scribe said...

meant to add... (offered for free or used for personal use only ) :P

~HJ said...

Right, I need to be given credit and you cannot profit from it.