Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Wow! I didn't know I was going to be offline for so stinkin' long. A month. Way too long. We are getting settled into our "new 150-year old house". But between work and unpacking, it took us a long while to replace the oodles of phone line tangled throughout the house. The lines were bad and had to be upgraded before the phone company would connect us. Everything is slow going because Eric works from sun up to sun down and I couldn't do it myself (the older kids weren't much help either). It took the cable company from May 24th when I made the appointment until very late last week to get here to install our cable. That is a two-page blog post just explaining what happened there. To sum it up, the guy didn't have the equipment he needed to fire up the net for us. I wasn't waiting another month. It was bad enough with only 2 channels from rabbit ears. DVD's are worn out from overuse. TV isn't everything, but wow - we were so unconnected. Come Friday-ish the high-speed connection through SBC should be working and they are sending my "parts" by courier, which should be here the end of the week also. Cable was charging me per computer anyway and SBC is up to 10 for the same price. I signed up for the 3 gigs. Let's see how that goes. I'm up on my old dial-up connection right now, so no uploads yet.

SPEAKING OF UPLOADS! I have made a few kits while I was "away", not to mention whatever has been just sitting on disk or my hard drive. I am going to upload them in two bundles, dial up and high speed. This way I can accommodate all of your needs. I think I may put DU and HS on the files too so you will know which ones to grab. You don't want to get duplicate downloads. I am thinking about having a new Esnips page just for those on high speed, to keep them from getting mixed. I'm just not sure yet, that's a lot of signing in and out.

THIS BRINGS A QUESTION: How many of you on dial-up out there can't handle 10 meg files? I want to break them down to 5-10 megs each for dial-up and 30+ for high speed. With files not expiring you will have lots of time to get them.

So, in short, I'm back and the uploads will start again as soon as the high speed is fired up. In the meantime, I am inundated in emails - most of which asking where I am hiding. I must go deal with those.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Congrats on the "New" house and have a great day!

BelindasScrapz said...

Welcome back and congratulations. I have checked back daily just to see if something had happened or for signs of life lol..i was hoping nothing bad had happened and did not remember any mention of a site move. I figued it was the big house move that had done it. I cant wait to see what you have and I am on DSL but an old computer lol so I can handle the big files.
Thanks so much for all you have given us and for the update

Julie Ann said...

Great to have you back!

150 year old house, even with the problems you've had, I am still very jealous o.O

Would love to see some pics :P