Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Layouts

Just a couple layouts I did while I was offline. My camera broke after the first photo was taken. Nick had it and dropped it from the second floor onto the hardwoods downstairs. Now anything with any UV comes out washed out. Some flash photos turn out okay. I have these ghostly images where you can see things from behind chairs or heads. Not normal. I say it's the broken camera, the kids say the house is haunted. I will upload photos and layouts of the house soon. I couldn't find my CD that had the antique metals I would really like to use for it.

In the LO above I changed everything to black and white. Originally he was wearing a gray, blue and red shirt and the house was yellow and red. The square white tiles are mine. If I haven't uploaded them yet, I know I have some in my upcoming kits. The word art is included in a past FV upload, just can't remember which one. When you have colors in a photo that clash, black and white or even tinting the photo, is a good way to go. I believe all scrapbook programs allow you to recolor background pages. If you want them different colors then just use the hue/balance functions. If you want them a single color, you have to first change the sheet to black and white then find a tinting option. If the color tint isn't there just pick any tint then go to the hue/balance and tweek it until you like it. I know Scrapbook Factory allows you to save this new image (you do this before you close the editor). I do suggest using a separate image editor while scrapbooking. Play with your photos to find another effect. You may inspire yourself. Sometimes we scrap photos to match a kit, sometimes we find a kit to match the photos.

This is a photo that I thought was ruined by the broken camera. Many shots didn't turn out, about 10 out of 30 were decent. You can't see anything in the background, even the wallpaper was whitewashed. It ended up being a good thing. I didn't have to crop nothing out. I simply added some elements to complete the effect the camera induced. The layers are from bottom to top are photo, scratch grunge overlay, a snow and ice full page border, a stamp, and added text. Nick was looking at the glitter on the linoleum that lined what may have been a dumb-waiter.

This is one of the messed up photos, but it shows what Nick is standing in. It was converted to a bathroom, which doesn't have any plumbing in it right now. Being an old hotel and off the dining room - has to be a dumb waiter. There's a hatch cover in the floor of the room above it. Fun stuff.

Goes to show you that you can scrap almost anything. If it isn't "portrait studio" quality, it's still something you can be inspired by. You can crop things out, plop "stickers" on things, recolor, texturize and even flip images to make noticeable writing not as dominant.


Julie Ann said...

Such great pics & lo's, I especially like the second one :)

BelindasScrapz said...

I love this layout been sick then busy with anniversary bbq stuff first chance ive had to pop by. Great new layouts and preveiws of the new kits you were busy while you were out..Great new stuff! Thanks for sharing