Saturday, July 07, 2007

Crazy Stripes

Thanks to all of you that let me know of the glitch. That's why making comments helps so much (as well as me finding out what you like, simply downloading a file doesn't make it a favorite).

4Shared tagged my Crazy Stripes set of papers as some copyright violation. According to the forum, depending on certain zip filenames, internal filenames as well as the comments that are encoded into the graphic itself, a computer scans these for certain words. Apparently something was flagged and I wasn't about to rename everything so I uploaded them to Esnips. The zips were called crazy strips, filenames are just stripe and a number (except the first file says blogback) and the comments on the graphic are all the same for all of my creations (so it couldn't be that). Whatever it was, it happens.

I chose to use 4Shared because I wanted all of these in a folder and the only hosters I know that does that is 4Shared and Esnips. I have been having a lot of activity at Esnips and since there's a bandwidth limitation I wanted to spread things around to make things more available. I did learn that even though I clicked the searchable option, there's another button on the filemanager toolbar to make the folder shared, I even had to share the parent folder in order to get the other ones to share. But anyhow, all solved, so happy scrappin'!

Here's your Crazy Stripes Papers

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Tina said...

Hi Holly. It's been awhile since I've visited but was reading your post about bandwidth and such and wanted to mention a site I've been using and so far have had zero's mediafire dot com.
Might be helpful.
Thanks for sharing all your hard work.