Saturday, July 07, 2007

For All Designers To Read

This was sent to me via email and I am posting it here anonymously because it nearly made me cry from both sadness and happiness. Such a WONDERFUL comment.

"I haven't been here (on your site) in a looooong while (medical problems) but just wanted to stop by to say hello and thank you for so generously sharing your beautiful work (as you always have)! You are truly talented and your work is perfect, beautiful, unique, easy to use, and more! I truly appreciate all of the hard work and creativity you put into each and every design, most importantly because this enables me to express myself creatively and preserve valuable memories for me and my loved ones both today and in the days to come.

I am quite poor as a result of illness and disability (don't spread that around, please; embarrassing), but if I one day have some spending money, I will surely donate or purchase items to or from you. I wish I could do so now because you certainly deserve it, and I know I would truly be getting my money's worth! Since I am unable, though, all the more reason I so appreciate your endless generosity. A giver in the true sense of the word. Scrapbooking has filled a huge void for me, being a truly creative and therapeutic venue and adding meaning to my life where there was a big empty space before. I would not be able to pursue my love of this hobby without awesome designers like you who give so generously and freely from the heart.

When unkind people/scrappers cross your path, sharing your work improperly or other such indignities, just remember the help you have given to people like me because in the end it matters not who harms you but who you are and the kindness you contribute to humanity. When one gives, the giving multiplies in ways you may never know. Thank you from the bottom of MY heart."

The author knows who she is and again I will say how grateful I am for the email. Posting it here in now way will anyone know who she is.

I, too, scrap (and design) because of disability. At work a few years ago I fell into a four foot hole and messed up my knee. If I stand for too long or sit for too long it begins to cramp. If I take something for my migraine problem, when the medication wears off my knee will hurt. About once a week it brings me close to tears. Not a day goes by that I don't get reminded that I have a knee, lol. Since this has happened, I haven't been waterskiing, hurts to ride a bike or rollerskate (though I try) and after I take my 3 mile walk, hours later I pay for it. My life went from very active to somewhat active with lots of pain. It has changed who I am. But I also scrap because I am big in genealogy and into preserving memories. I read a post on another blog where she goes on about how the scrapbooking (paper and digital) has made it possible for her to refer back to them when they have a family gathering, reunions or just plain table talk. Her mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and occasionally the books act as a tool to bridge those gaps. We all have our reasons to scrap and for the most part, they are the same.

This brings me to displaying your digital creations. I have burned them onto a regular CD and displayed them on TV using the DVD player. They have programs out there to create photo slide shows and mini-moving in a DVD format, including the ability to add sound and music. Using scrapbooking layouts are no different than using a photo. Once in a great while I have found a pixelated photo, or parts of the photo pixelated. When parts of a layout is pixelated, that happens in the creation part of the layout making an image larger than it really should be, and possible because that element may have been 72 ppi instead of 200 or 300. Larger TV screens can distort a layout here and there, but not enough to really be concerned. Showing the same one on a smaller TV does lessen the distortion if not completely. Learning about the PPI, scanning and creating allows you to understand this a bit more. I'm still learning myself.

And on that note, I am watching the size of my elements. My alphas are usually no smaller than 200 px, I'm going to make them at least 300 from now on, though in the past I have made them as large as 5-600. I have already changed my canvas size for my elements from 600 to 800. Like I said, I'm learning.

That's where feedback from all of you is important. If there's something that doesn't print or display right, feel free to email us so we can find out what happened. I use a lot of templates I made and if they are too small I need to resize them. I do test my designs, though I don't print out much - actually very rarely.

Well, I have to cruise. Enough rambling on. I have some papers I found yesterday I want to make a few mini-kits from. More tomorrow. Have a great Saturday!

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patchas said...

To all designers: Most of you have no idea how much you do for people, how your generosity and creativity affects their lives - enabling us to create, to share with others (our creations, not yours), to enjoy, to laugh and cry when we read your blogs, etc. Every day it reminds me despite the sickos in this world, there are good, kind, decent people who care about others with no thought of getting in return. While many of us may not buy from you because of financial constraints, our friends buy, and when they see our creations they want to know what kit it was, who was the designer, etc. So for all those who don't think to leave a thank you, or don't have time, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. Not just for your freebies, but for your time and sharing your life with us. It does make a HUGE difference.