Monday, July 30, 2007

My File Hosters

After reading today's comments I have found another complaint about the hosters I use. So here I will explain why I use the ones I use. First off, I use a variety of them for different reasons, mostly to avoid clogging my bandwidth.

Pros- no porn, no known bandwidth limitations, no storage limitations, no expiration

Cons- the splash screen, folders are clumsy, no notification for comments posted, can't upload a password protected zip, during heavy traffic I can't upload

(I use Filefront mainly for those zips that are loners)

Pros- folders are nice, no storage limits, nice looking website, no expiration, no porn, comment notification, invite only folders, passwords allowed

Cons- the many clicks to get to the downloads (especially groups), the bandwidth limitations, must be a member to comment

(I use Esnips for my kits and for the loners when Filefront is being stupid)

Pros- least amount of clicks to downloads, widgets, clean website, folders, little or no ads

Cons- storage limits, bandwidth limits, no comments allowed, expiration

(I just started using Box.Net, who knows how long I'll use it)

Pros- folders, passwords allowed, comments, no porn

Cons- must sign in every 30 days or lose all contents, storage limits, no comment notification, if posting folder lots of clicking to download

(I just started using 4Shared again. On my old computer I was able to create an account but not log in to upload once I was done so I gave up. When I got my laptop and I needed to ease up the traffic on Esnips I opened an account again, this time with luck. Once I fill the folder, I'll either have to pay to upgrade or open another account, then I'll have to keep signing in to keep my files active and available. A lot of work to maintain my freebies.)

Pros- easy to use

Cons- downloads expire if not downloaded for so many days, tons of ads, sometimes hard to find download link, no folders or user interface

(Not sure if I'll use them again, though I still have a few links live.)

Pros- easy to use

Cons- expires after 21 days, ads and more ads, hard to find download link, no folders or user interface

(I only use them for blog headers I create for my readers or other specials that expire. I don't have to delete them since they delete after 21 days for me.)

Pros- hard for bots to snatch and grab

Cons- lots of clicking to get to download, lots of ads, interface not user friendly

(Tried them once. Not sure if I will again since those above are doing just fine.)

I won't use Turbo Upload and Uploading.Com due to the porn pop-ups.
I won't use Rapidshare or Savefile because of the expiration. I also have had a lot of failed/bad files from Rapidshare.


Julie K in Taiwan said...

Thank you for taking the time to share the pros and cons of each. it's a valuable resource.

Maria said...

Thanks! I've spotlighted this list at